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Rachelle Neckar Is a Mental Health and AODA Therapist Who Provides a Judge-Free and Comfortable Atmosphere for Her Clients

My mission is to help you live a better life. We can work towards that together by addressing your mental health on the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual levels. I offer integrated treatment methods to support the varied needs of my clients.

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“Rachelle is an empathetic listener whose feedback is always on point.”

Nathan C. in Madison, WI
July 11th, 2020

Rachelle Neckar Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI

Who Is Rachelle Neckar?

Rachelle Neckar is a State Certified Licensed Professional Counselor & Therapist in Madison, Wisconsin

I work with a wide variety of patients to help them overcome the parts of their life they’ve been struggling with. I achieve this by offering targeted therapy, counseling, and integrated drug abuse treatment plans based on an individual’s unique needs.

Our work together may involve addressing mental health issues, exploring healthier coping mechanisms, and therapy. I can also distribute Suboxone to patients who need immediate care for opioid addiction. In my nearly 10 years of mental healthcare experience, I’ve helped patients from all backgrounds find better ways to live their lives. My goal is to help you do the same.

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Ready For a New Way of Life?

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Rachelle Neckar Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI