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I received my master’s degree in counseling psychology from Lakeland College. Since then, I’ve worked hard to provide the Madison, WI, area with mental health support. Over the past seven years, I’ve worked as a counselor, advocate, educator, and therapist. Now, I’m providing unique treatment plans that help my patients bring lasting joy to their lives.

Rachelle Neckar Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI
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Wisconsin Certified Therapist

State Certified Counselor & Therapist in Madison, Wisconsin

One-on-one therapy is one of the most effective ways to bring lasting change to your life. It provides a safe space where patients are free to explore the root causes of their behaviors. This process enables us to cut harmful behaviors like addiction down at the stem. For it’s only through addressing the factors that cause you to compulsively consume harmful substances that you can find lasting relief from them.

I provide one-on-one therapy sessions that guide you through the important work of moving towards a healthier life. We can talk about traumatic experiences, underlying mental health issues, and any other parts of your life you’d like to change. We’ll set goals together and create personalized strategies to help you work towards them more efficiently.

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Rachelle Neckar Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI