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Hypnotherapy can be a strong addition to traditional counseling. It provides a patient with the opportunity to engage with their innermost thoughts in a heightened state of awareness. As a hypnotherapist, I can help you reach this state. From there, we can work directly with your subconscious to achieve your desired outcome. This often involves exploring painful thoughts and memories so you can address them more effectively in therapy.

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Hypnotherapy Service in Madison, WI

What is Hypnotherapy?

How is Hypnotherapy Different From Regular Therapy?

Hypnotherapy differs from regular therapy in the way it interacts with your mind. I will begin the process by helping you achieve a more relaxed state of being. Once you’re there, we can begin communicating with your innermost thoughts. Hypnotherapy gives us direct access to your subconscious, which can be difficult for some patients to achieve through regular therapy. With this access, we can shift your thought processes and core beliefs in more meaningful and lasting ways.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do for Me?

How Will I Benefit From Hypnotherapy?

Many of my patients have found hypnotherapy to be an impactful addition to regular counseling sessions. You can benefit from it in several key ways. First, I can use suggestion-based hypnotherapy to help you change certain behaviors, such as smoking or overeating. Second, we can use hypnotherapy to analyze the psychological root cause of a disorder or symptom. We can then use that information to work in a more targeted manner during our regular therapy sessions together.

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Stress Management Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

Do You Have Too Much Stress?

Alleviate Stress With the Stress Management Hypnosis Program

Stress can lead to a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. With hypnotherapy, I can help you avoid these concerns by addressing the root causes of your stress. We’ll work together to break your negative thought patterns and introduce new responses to stress in their places. Hypnotherapy can help you meaningfully change your life in as little as four sessions.

Would You Like To Manage Your Weight?

Lose Weight With the Weight Management Hypnosis Program

Losing weight is challenging. To do so, you’ll need to significantly change your lifestyle. This can be incredibly difficult to do and is one of the reasons why many people fail their weight loss journeys. Hypnotherapy can help you get past these issues. Together, we’ll address the underlying mental and emotional barriers that are preventing you from losing weight. This work can help you break through plateaus and begin making the consistent weight loss progress you desire.

Weight Management Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

Want To Finally Stop Smoking?

Stop Smoking With the Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Program

Quitting smoking is incredibly important for your health. Hypnotherapy can make that process easier for you. I’ll start by putting you into a more suggestive state through hypnosis. From there, we’ll work with your subconscious to change your thought patterns around smoking. This can radically reduce your desire to smoke and make quitting a breeze. I can even teach you self-hypnosis techniques, which you can use anytime a craving occurs.

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